REQUIREMENT: Microsoft Windows Operating System (Tortoise may not be fully Vista compliant)


Download and install the Tortoise SVN client. Download link listed below. Reboot required after installation.




Create a folder, and name it whatever you desire, however you may want to name it in relation to the project your downloading for organizational purposes.

In this example, I'm downloading from the MC360 Skin SVN, therefore I'll name the folder 'MC360'. This folder will be referred to as the 'SVN folder' throughout the following steps.


Right-click the SVN folder and from the context menu click:

'SVN Checkout...'



Enter the SVN project URL in the following field:

'URL of repository:'

Click OK to start downloading.

In this example, the MC360 Skin SVN URL is listed below, which you can copy and paste into the appropriate field.




A window will appear displaying the transfer progress. Upon completion of the transfer you can close the window.


Now that you downloaded the project source code, you will need to compile the source into an executable build for usage.

The project developers may include a script to automate the build process. In this example, the compiling script is named 'Build', which can be double-clicked to start the compiling process.

NOTE: If your PC is configured to 'Hide extensions of known file types', then you wont see the .bat extension.

Before downloading the source to any SVN, check to see if the compiling process requires specific software or steps to compile the source.

The source for the MC360 skin does not need any additional software for the compiling process.


Once the compiling process starts, a DOS window will appear displaying the build progress. Upon completion you can close the window. The skin is now ready for transfer.

In this example, the compiled source for the skin can be found in the 'BUILD' folder, which is created in your SVN folder.

Open your SVN folder, then open the following folders to locate the MC360 skin folder:

BUILD > skin

Within the 'skin' folder is the 'MC360' skin folder. Transfer the 'MC360' folder into XBMC's skin folder to add this skin for use.

If your upgrading an existing skin, I recommend to first erase the old skin and replace it with the newer build.

Don't delete the SVN folder.

Future updates can be easily added to an SVN folder by Right-clicking the folder and selecting the 'SVN Update' option from the context menu.

The most recent changes only, will be transferred. After transfer, just run the 'Build' script to re-compile the source and transfer the skin as shown above.



If you want to see if any updates have been committed to the code since the last time you updated, you can use the Tortoise client to show the change-log.

Right-click the SVN folder, then move your pointer to 'TortoiseSVN', which will display a sub-menu, from there click 'Show log' to display the change-log.


If you ever need to download an older revision of the source code, you can do so by following the steps above, however you'll need to create a new folder for the specific revision you want to download.

First, you'll need to know the revision number you want to download. Then upon checking out the source from the SVN, select the 'Revision' radio button and enter the revision number in the 'Revision' field.

After the source code transfers, compile the code as shown above.